Finn Fest article – Quarterly 2013


Finn Fest 2013 is set in Hancock Michigan, June 19 – 23.  Dozens of dance and music programs, informative lectures, activities and tours are planned.

Your Swedish Finn Historical Society representatives will present three lectures:  Folk Costumes in Finland, “Emigration Patterns from Swedish-Speaking Finland into the Iron Range” and “New Sweden Colony, 1638 A.D.: Impact on a New Land”.

SFHS also opens their Tori booth Wednesday June 19. The SFHS Tori space serves several functions:  helps visitors find evidence of their roots in Finland, shows them how to research their roots, and informs them about the minority who speak Swedish within Finland.

Volunteers George and Judi Miller will drive from Seattle to Hancock to carry the equipment needed  from the Seattle office such as  signs, maps, computers, printers, scanners and materials to facilitate the search for ancestors.

Visitors sit down with the SFHS volunteer who helps them fill out a query sheet as they share information needed for the search. A computer volunteer extracts information from the appropriate Norway, Finland or Sweden database or American search engines such  to trace the ancestor. As new material is discovered, it is cut and pasted into a Word document. That document is then mailed to the visitor’s address, or printed out and given to them immediately.

Our success rate is surprising, as are the number of helpful IT resources. Past Finn Fest visitors have been surprised and even tearful when given hard copy of their family’s birthplace.  We truly enjoy doing it!

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